How Massage Fixed my Headaches

How I Ended Up Here (Part1)img_1778I’m not the most graceful human being. Not by a long shot.

In fact the only time that I’m centered, calm and coordinated is during your massage. Add to this that I grew up with brothers who thought putting me in suitcase and throwing sliding me down the stairs, or using our backyard hammock as slingshot with me as the human ammunition led to some interesting landings.

By the time I was in my late teens I was suffering almost daily with neck pain and headaches. Relief was elusive and a chiropractor I was working with shortly after a face plant gave me a corker of a whiplash injury (that’s a good story, another day, though)suggested that I see the massage therapist who he’d recently hired to ‘supplement’ his work.

One session and I was a believer!

For years I’d been searching for relief and it finally came in the form of therapeutic massage. A few years later I was studying for my license to become a therapist. I love working with folks living who are in pain. I know you. Heck, I AM you.

Loads of continuing study in pain science, kinesiology and super fancy therapy modalities later, every time someone knew comes into see me for an initial assessment, I think of my first experience with massage. It continues to shape how I cultivate compassion for those living with chronic pain and drives me to learn everyday.

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