Massage Therapist (not clairvoyant)

Over the years, I’ve periodically heard new clients report during an initial consultation, “I went the this one therapist and she knew with out even touching me that..”. Fill in the blank at the end of that sentence: I have no gallbladder, my cervix is tipped, I broke my leg as a kid, etc.

To be sure, some massage therapists have above average observational skills. We learn to assess how people stand, walk and hold their bodies. This helps us devise a treatment plan that will be effective. The best therapists come from a place of ‘listening’.

What this does not make us is mind readers, psychic, or some sort of mystical witch doctor.

Share your needs before, during, and after your session. If something we are doing is painful, say so. If you are in an uncomfortable position or cold, please, let us know.

The most effective therapeutic relationships are partnerships, and the best outcomes are achieved when the entire team is moving toward a common goal.

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