What should I wear?

For Thai Massage-comfortable, stretchy clothes should be warn.

As far as corrective or relaxation sessions, It doesn’t matter a bit! You will be given privacy to undress and will be under sheets for the duration of your massage and your modesty will always be respected.

What do I need to do to prepare for my first session?

A light meal is fine before bodywork, just don’t come with a full belly therefore you may be uncomfortable.

Fill out your history form online before you come in. This gives you more time in session and helps save paper.

Read your confirmation email. There are detailed instructions on how to get to our office. Don’t hesitate to call if you need help.

Do you really need all of this medical information?

Yes. The experiences of your body (surgery, traumatic injury, medications, implants, congenital defects)  all inform the session. Help me help you.

What is your cancellation/no show policy?

24 hours notice is required for cancellation. The full fee of the appointment is due if appointments are cancelled without 24 hours notice. We are often working with a cancellation list and will try to fill your appointment if we can.

Do you offer wraps or scrubs or facials?

No, because Spa Days are great, they just aren’t our thing. We have a long list colleagues available if you need to find those types of services.

What is science-informed bodywork?

I endeavor to use scientific literacy to help treat people in chronic pain. You will always get an honest answer to an inquiry even the answer is, “We don’t really know.”  Extensive study of modern pain science has allowed me to let go of massage myths and superstitions and provide the best possible solutions for pain and function.