Meet the Massage Therapist

Providing Massage in Dayton for More Than 16 Years!

In practice since 2001, I am a massage therapist who is passionate about helping people with injuries to achieve pain relief with therapeutic massage in Dayton, Ohio. I am an anatomy nerd, and love all things A&P and get great pleasure from learning. I spend my free time reading journal articles and studies about pain science. (I know how to party!)


How I landed here

In my early twenties, after sustaining a neck injury, I saw several specialists with no improvement. I went to see a massage therapist and was able to get pain relief after just one session. This was the life changing experience that inspired me to pursue this profession.

Because injuries and chronic pain can color every aspect of life, I have dedicated my focus to understanding how to assess, treat, and manage pain with clients.

In addition to my work with pain patients, I enjoy helping athletes reach their potential, assisting with event training and maintain optimum health so that they can enjoy the activities that make life fun! I love working with Crossfit athletes and weighlifters.

Oakwood Therapeutic Massage is committed to providing Dayton with outstanding massage for anyone seeking it- regardless of creed, color, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religious views.



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